Sunday, October 5, 2008

1,000 and counting

No, that's not my age, though I did have a birthday a few weeks ago.

Instead, the headline refers to the number of hits this blog has received since I installed a counter about six months ago. So I have no way of knowing how many total hits Murphy's Craw has received since I started it a year ago this month.

Hit No. 1,000 came while I was away for a few days, so I'm afraid I didn't give it the kind of buildup it might (or might not) have deserved. The visitor was someone from Pomaria, S.C., a first-timer, as far as I can tell.

This disappointed me a little. I'd been hoping the 1,000th visitor would be one of the regulars, one of the anonymous residents of places such as Rochester, N.Y., and Boise, Idaho. (Not that I had any prizes to offer.) I often wish the regulars would say hello, but I respect their apparent need for privacy.

By the way, I was away because of a small gathering of mystery writers from New York state. On Wednesday I'll be embarking on a trip to Baltimore, for Bouchercon, the annual gathering of mystery writers and fans. I hope to renew a few friendships and start new ones.

I'll be reporting on this after I get back, so let the breath-bating begin.

1 comment:

Cornelia Read said...

Well, if you see one from Berkeley or San Francisco, it's probably me. Hope you had a great time at Bcon. I was really sick with anemia and had to stay home. Sucked!!!