Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's always a Captcha-22

A few moments ago I sent a message to someone but, before sending it, I was given a couple of words to type in just to show I'm not some "bot" that goes around stealing people's e-mail addresses and spamming them -- in addition to ripping tags off mattresses and neglecting to floss.

Turns out the term for such pairs of words is "captcha." Who knew? Who would really want to know?

Anyway, in this case the words were "interpreted drinker."

Which made me wonder: Is that anything like "interpretive dancing"?

I suppose we could combine both ideas. Think of the possibilities for the world of ballet:

"Sleeping-It-Off Beauty."

"The Beer Nut Cracker."

And, of course, Anna Pavlova's "The Falling-Down Dead-Drunk Swan."

1 comment:

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Or what about those who are awaiting the raptcha?