Thursday, April 4, 2013

I DO believe in Danny! I DO believe in Danny!

If you're a regular customer here, you might recall that some weeks ago one of my posts dealt in part with what I referred to as "the death of Danny Dollar."

Danny Dollar was the number you could call here in town to get the time and temperature. He got that name when he was introduced about 50 years ago by the local bank that originally sponsored the service, and that's how my family has always referred to him.

But when I tried calling him recently, I kept getting the voice mail of the plumbing company that had been sponsoring Danny, which led me to believe that Danny was no more, a victim of the Internet/smartphone age.

But the other day someone I know called the number and found out that Danny -- Praise be! -- is not quite dead yet.

I just tried the number myself and was told that Danny "is expected to be restored in a week."

Although this gives me hope -- and of course I'd like to thank all you loyal readers, who obviously have been pulling for Danny just as earnestly as hundreds of audiences over the years have pushed for the survival of Tinker Bell -- I find myself feeling a sense of (totally unreasonable, I'm sure) foreboding.

I think it's that word "restored" that bothers me.

It makes me think that somewhere a modern Dr. Frankenstein is trying to resuscitate Danny with the help of the doctor's faithful servant, Igor.

Kind of like a previous project the two of them were involved in.

And we all remember how well that worked out.

But maybe I'm worrying too much.

Let's all just keep our fingers crossed.

And don't stop believing!

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