Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's the name of their shortstop?

I can't help wondering if the people who think up the names of those, um, male enhancement drugs are fans of Abbott and Costello...

Lou: Gee, Bud, you sure look chipper today!

Bud: I feel great! My wife and I made love last night, and it went exceptionally well!

Lou: And why was that?

Bud: Because of what my doctor recommended!

Lou: And what was that?

Bud: Cialis!

Lou (after a pause): See Alice?

Bud: Yep!

Lou: What? You go to a doctor, tell him you and your wife are having problems, and he says, "See Alice"?

Bud: Yep!

Lou: And your wife went along with it?

Bud: Of course! She only wants what's best for me.

Lou: I can't believe it! But you must have had to talk her into it!

Bud: Quite the contrary! She insisted on it! Otherwise she said it might mean the end of our marriage!

Lou: So the doctor tells you this, and you come home, and --

Bud: Not straight home! I went to the drugstore first!

Lou: Why?

Bud: I just told you! It's what the doctor said! Cialis!

Lou: See Alice? At the drugstore?

Bud: Yep!

Lou: And the guy who runs the drugstore is OK with this?

Bud: Of course! That's getting to be a big part of his business, he tells me!

Lou: You mean you went in a back room and...

Bud: No! Over the counter!

Lou: Over the counter?! With everybody watching?

Bud: Of course!

Lou: I must be going to the wrong drugstore!

Bud: No, I could have gone to any drugstore!

Lou: See Alice at any drugstore? (To himself) Girl gets around! (To Bud) Well, I'm glad things worked out!

Bud: Thanks! And even if it hadn't worked, the doctor had another idea!

Lou: Really? What?

Bud: Viagra!


Bud: Sure I'm sure! Why do you ask?

Lou: Cause Vi Agra told me I'M the only guy in her life!

(Cue rimshot.)

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Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Brilliantly clever. Do a podcast of it! (As if I knew how or what!) "Cue rimshot." Now, there's a phrase one doesn't want to do anagrams with, given your subject matter.