Friday, September 12, 2008

Let them fall where they may

I’ll be seeing my friendly neighborhood eye specialist in about 10 days – and I’m beginning to suspect it’s not a moment too soon.

The other day, in the grocery store, I glanced at a shelf and for a moment was sure that I was looking at a bag of “Sin Chips.”

On closer examination, this proved to actually be a bag of “Sun Chips.”

But who knows: I might have stumbled across a new idea for a product.

But exactly what sort of product?

I suppose “Sin Chips” could be a food product that is so decadent that, according to the nutritional label, one serving (two chips) provides you with a year’s supply of salt, sugar, cholesterol, non-trans fat and DDT. (That last ingredient being a sop to those of us baby boomers who love to wallow in nostalgia.)

Then again, instead of being a foodstuff, a “Sin Chip” could be a new kind of chip for a new kind of poker game, perhaps a sort of existential poker game, analogous to the chess match in “The Seventh Seal” – something from a movie Ingmar Bergman might have made if he had forsaken the Game of Kings for Spit in the Ocean (or, perhaps in Ingmar’s case, Spit in the Fjord).

This might certainly make for some interesting listening for those of you who love to watch late-night poker on TV:

“I’ll see that gluttony and raise you five sloths…..”

“And as all you viewers know, a full confessional beats a pair of perjurers every time!”

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